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This is my 200th post!! Thank you all for reading my little blog ♡

So I had a bit of shopping splurge before I left Nottingham, and went to my very trusted shop Fur Feather Meds and bought a new set Eurostar Excellent set (saddle pad and bandages) as well as Harry Horse Total Eclipse over reach boots! The Eurostar bandages and saddle pad are in the colour taupe, which is a nice dark grey. I adore Eurostar's SS14 collection - when it first came out I was dying to have every single different set and it took me a long time to pick this set out of them all.
The whole set ♥ 
A big shout out and applause to the designer of the Eurostar Excellent set, it simply is excellent!! The amount of attention paid to the details is unbelievable, and I don't think that I've ever seen such a pretty pair of bandages in my life.
These photos really do not do enough justice to how lovely they are in real life! The Harry's Horse boots are simply amazing. I know they are too much for some people, and it's all to do with your own personal taste, but seeing your horse sparkle like the star that they are, is simply an amazing sight. The velcro on the boots is great, it took me about 5 minute to manage to take them off, so I'm pretty sure they will last for a while.

Great colour choices for the braids, the bronze goes so well with the silvery grey

Eurostar is fast becoming my favourite horsey brand, their saddle pads with all our horses so well, the designs are lovely and the products last! We will be getting much use out of this set for sure :) If anyone is looking to buy a new set for this spring, I highly recommend you checking out FFM for all the beautiful stuff that is available.

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