Another reason why...

...I absolutely love this horse
I've been rather poorly, suffering from my yearly summer flu, but this time is the worst that it has ever been. Runny nose, aching joints, sore throat, dry cough, and feeling faint and feverish, added to the ridiculously hot temperatures that we're having (+30c in the shade) has made me feel rather off. I managed to give Vallu a day off yesterday, but lunging is out of the question (I nearly faint every time now) and since I can't give him too many days off or he'll explode. I was dreading riding him, if I'm being brutally honest. My reflexes were incredibly slow, I dropped my bandages several times into the shavings, and I even managed to walk into the wall... I said to dad when he helped me to get on, that if I had to predict a day when I would fall off this horse, then today would be that day.

Nope, this horse just proved me wrong, again! Absolutely no spooking, and he was a total dream to ride. He was forwards going, properly through his back, big front leg action with hind legs underneath him, round neck and soft mouth. Drool... He did everything from tempi changes to canter pirouettes to trot half passes! There was also a group of people watching us near the entrance to the indoor arena, and since this is his favourite place to tense and then spook, I certainly wasn't prepared for him to just trot and canter past these people without putting a single hoof out of line.

Super boy ♥︎

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