Well that was a surprise!

You know that moment when your horse totally surprises you? Yeahhh, well Vallu did that to me today! We went to a practise competition at a competition venue only a 30 minute drive from us, and Vallu surprised us all by being the most calm and collected horse ever... 
I was very shocked at how relaxed Vallu was, and so ended up having far too much time for my warm up. I'd prepared 45 minutes for me to calm down a hot spooky horse, but ended up spending most of that time walking. He was great in the warm up, but then we ended up with him being tired for the actual test. It was a bit of a shame, but I am incredibly thrilled at how well behaved he was! No spooking, no disagreements and just a very happy and lovely horse. 
I totally agreed with judge who wrote that I needed to ride him forwards and through his back. He was just too tired for me to get him going properly, but we ended up getting 63.25%, and I was more than pleased with this!! Our first competition (even though it was just a practise) and we got a good score from an international judge from a medium/adv medium test :) And with a few 7 and 7.5s, I'm looking forward to our next proper competition
Happy rider!
I learnt a few things today: 
1. Vallu is great ♥︎
2. I still have my 'test nerves', so that I don't freak out when I enter the arena
3. Even when you think your reins are short, shorten them anyway - they're always too long
4. Try to push Vallu just a tiny bit more forwards, even when he feels tired

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