VCBH: Chock Full of Advice

Viva Carlos has another great blog hop going, and since I've missed a few blog hops I thought  I would definitely do this! What is the best advice you've ever received from a Trainer or another rider? What is the worse advice you've received from a Trainer or another rider? 

1. The best advice I ever received was: 
Be brave! Even if you a talented, thoughtful and a kind rider, you will not get anywhere with horse that thinks you are scared of everything... So (even if you're not feeling it) be brave at all times. I literally live by this now, ever since the AF when he said it. Thanks to him, I've now managed to get Vallu to trust me (Vallu thinks I'm brave, hah!) and I'm pretty sure we can cope with any situation just by me repeating "be brave be brave be brave." Horses are flight or fight animals, and Vallu is definitely in the take-flight-immediately category, so if the person riding him is scared then V has even more reason to take flight. If your horses senses that you are not about to take flight, it might encourage them not to take flight either, but to stand there and be brave.

2. The worst advice I have ever received was:
"Just whip him, just keep whipping him until he gives in." Yeah, no I haven't had another lesson from that trainer since the first and only lesson when he shouted this at me. I will not make my horse submit to me by force. No, no, no. The whip is a useful tool/aid when wanting more engagement in the hind legs or when wanting more forwardness without having to use your legs more. But I will never use it as a negative tool. Ergh, some people... You just never know what is going through their minds when they say stuff like that!

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