Hairy beast!

Poser posing...
 Hairy beast got his flu jabs today *sad violin song* and he got clipped. Poor horsey, what a horrible life he has ;) After Thursday's proper training ride where he was covered in white sweat, I knew that he had to be clipped asap, and fortunately there was enough time tonight to do it. And his winter coat is blooming lovely, I can't wait to ride him on Sunday. Next weekend (Thurs-Sunday) the yard has the High Profile show, so it will be incredibly busy, but I find it so inspirational watching professionals riding and competing, and apparently the Eilbergs will be competing (fan girl moment, they are keeping their horses stabled in the same part of the yard as Vallu!)
SCARY chairs
Touching the scary chairs!
In his pink and purple rug ♥︎

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