October Goals/September Analysis

I'm really glad that I started this last month, it's great to be able to track what you've actually achieved in only one month, and how much you can do in such a short space of time! September just flew past for me, and I have feeling that the next two months will be exactly the same, trying to balance university and Vallu and still try to get some sleep too.


Survive travelling from Finland to Nottingham! - Done, we're here, alive and well
Maybe do a full diagonal of two tempis without a temper tantrum - Managed to do this several times
Continue woking on being supple, with shoulders and front legs up and in front - Definitely have a supple pony, don't know exactly about his shoulders and legs yet!
First day back at university!
Get normal looking photos with photoshoot with Ritu - Yes! You can see them, here and here!
Survive driving from home to Nottingham, through Germany and Holland - Amazingly yes, and with no major catastrophes either :D
Survive the start of second year of university - Blergh... 2nd year is much harder than 1st year, who knew?!
Keep working on moving hands up and forwards to keep Vallu's shoulders moving that way too → more active fingers to keep him soft when he's struggling with this - Really trying to concentrate on this, and I think we're getting better.

Be good during Andrew Fletcher lesson
Get new saddle - SO excited!
Be good when turned out, and not be a hooligan everyday
Happy in his paddock (still without a rug cos its so warm!)

Survive the ridiculous amount of uni work I have to do
Try to blog every week
Not lose patience whilst waiting for the new saddle!
Vallu's favourite toy, his pink sweetie ball :D

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