Chia seeds, part 2

At the end of August I blogged about Chia de Gracia sending me a sampler of their chia seeds to try out for Vallu (blog post here!) and now that we're starting to settle back into our 'new' home, I thought I'd share some thoughts about this.
1. Look at how shiny Vallu is! Looking back at old photos, I have never seen Vallu this shiny before. I've received so many comments about his coat and how good he is looking just before we left Finland, in Germany and here in England as well. I think it's the Omega 3 fatty acids from the chia seeds which is doing it, there's nothing else different in what I'm feeding Vallu.
2. The magnesium calms hot and nervous horses - I have a horse that was calm at home both in Finland and here in England, chilled travelling from Finland to England and relaxed to ride when we were in Germany. He's also been very good (re riding in the outdoor arena and hacking out by himself and with others) I know he is eating MgB12, but he's been much better since eating chia seeds too!
3. Faster growth and stronger hooves - his hooves are looking great!  It's normal for his feet to suffer when travelling, especially since Vallu's hooves aren't the greatest to begin with. It will be interesting to see what the farrier says, but to my untrained eye they look good.
4. Boost for the immune system and resistance to disease - considering how many different horses he travelled with and how many different stables he stayed at, I'm amazed that he didn't get anything e.g a cold or flu. Travelling through Europe is tough on a horse's immune system, but Vallu has coped incredibly well.

No flash, this is his actual coat in slight sunshine!
Bright eyes ♥︎
Again, NO flash - this is what he looks like when brushed clean!

I definitely would love to keep using this, but unfortunately the shipping costs to the UK are so much that then the price becomes too much for me, even though I know how many advantages there are to feeding this to Vallu! We'll just have to wait and see if the shipping costs will come down some time in the future, but Chia seeds for sure will remain in my top trusted and useful supplements for a long time to come!

UPDATE: Chia De Gracia's chia seeds will soon be bought from http://www.equinutritive.co.uk!!

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