EAH Blog Hop: Keeping It Clean

In this weeks blog hop let's talk about what cleaning products you use on your tack and why?
It's so interesting to see what other people from across the world are using on their tack. Thank you to Hillary at Equestrian At Hart for doing this! I personally use Absorbine's Horseman's One Step Cream. It's a leather cleaner and conditioner, so it leaves your leather really soft, and saves you the trouble of having to use a separate conditioner all the time. You also only need to use a tiny amount, so one tub lasts me around 3 months, with me cleaning my bridle and boots everyday day and my saddle once a week!
Because Horseman's One Step has the conditioner in it, I'm not particularly fussy with proper conditioner. My favourite one however is the Oakwood Leather Conditioner, followed by Stübben Hamanol. I like the Oakwood one because it smells lovely (great reasoning I know!) and Stübben's Hamanol is great on the saddle because it gives you slightly more grip... Always useful when hacking out Vallu!

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