Back in Nottingham

Vallu and I are now back in Nottingham, and alive! So tired, I've been sleeping for 12 hours or more for last few nights, so I think I might be slightly sleep deprived :D Vallu has been enjoying life now that he's back home, he's happy in his big box which is the same as last time. His face was so cute when he arrived in the afternoon on Thursday, it looked like "Oh thank God we're done with travelling." 

Yesterday was his three year anniversary with us, and he seemed to know this by celebrating his paddock... Apparently he'd first put his head down to eat grass, after which he had literally exploded - trotting and cantering around his paddock and trying to make friends with his paddock neighbours. So it was no wonder when I turned up in the afternoon he was snoozing in his stable and was ridiculously lazy to lunge...

Yesterday I rode him, and I was pleasantly surprised! There was an unaff SJ competition going on, but Vallu coped incredibly well with all of the horses, people and the general busyness of the place. We had no spooking, and in the end I got a good feeling. He's just a bit lazy and behind the leg, but I'm not complaining, I'd rather have a lazy happy horse than a hot spooky horse! And today, he was slightly more awake, and after a thousand transitions, I even managed to get a couple of flying changes too!
More of these types of Sunday afternoons please!
Tomorrow we're going for a hack, as I want to get over my last fear of hacking with Vallu, the dreaded bridle path, where last year he scared me so badly. As soon as I can get that done and dusted with, there's not a lot left to conquer for me personally (fear wise!) Hacking around the fields in Germany got rid of my first hacking out related fear problem, and I want to get rid of this one too! Hollie is coming with me, and she's hacked out Vallu all of last year so she knows how he can be, and she also keeps me calm, so this should go well! :D

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