September Goals

“They become part of our family, you know, they really change our life. It’s a sport that we chose because we love it, but it’s also a sport that we chose because we love the animal…. It’s not like breaking a hockey stick or breaking a tennis racket, for us we become very close with this animal and have great respect for they do for us.” -Eric Lamaze
I've seen these monthly goal reviews everywhere recently so thought that I should start doing it too! Hopefully this will help with achieving more and keeping on top of my year goals. Better late than never :D


Survive travelling from Finland to Nottingham!
Maybe do a full diagonal of two tempis without a temper tantrum
Continue woking on being supple, with shoulders and front legs up and in front.

Get normal looking photos with photoshoot with Ritu (like above, and not like below!)
Survive driving from home to Nottingham, through Germany and Holland!
Survive the start of second year of university
Keep working on moving hands up and forwards to keep Vallu's shoulders moving that way too → more active fingers to keep him soft when he's struggling with this.

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