Packing up

The last week has been really busy, with training, the photo-shoot, a farrier day, and my leaving dinner. In the middle of this, I've been trying to prepare for our departure. Vallu is being picked up on Wednesday afternoon, and I'll leave the day after on Thursday. Vallu should arrive on Friday evening, and I'll be there Saturday morning. I'd far rather be there to put Vallu on the horse box than be there when he arrives, I think it'll be easier for both us that way. Unfortunately I can't do both because the ferry timetables don't match up. Luckily Vallu is used to being at my brother's place in Germany and the girls there know him well, so he'll be in good hands before I get there the next day!
I still have some rugs at the cleaners which need picking up, and a lot of stuff to pack!! But at least my first aid kit is ready ;) All of his rugs, riding stuff (saddle pads and bandages, bandages liners, boots) night bandages and pads, travelling pads, saddle, bridles, girths, lunging equipment, and then all my stuff too! Vallu's transport to Germany is now sorted, but I still need confirmation that the transport company is willing to transport him to Nottingham, so it's all a bit stressful still. But I'm sure everything will get sorted, it always does :D

Here's hoping for a smooth travel back to Nottingham!

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