Success again!

 Vallu has moved to another stable, and this is the biggest stable in the yard, and he is feeling like a king! It's massive, and he immediately went to have a nap in it. Since I've been unfortunate to get a cold already(!) Vallu was more than happy to go for a group hack. The first ten minutes on the bridle path he decided to jog but after that got bored and was more than happy to plod along behind the other horse. Good pony!
Hollie's #hackingselfie
We've even managed an alright ride in the scary outdoor arena, which this time last year was impossible to ride on. We only stayed in the lower half of the arena, and had several little spooks, but to able to have some sort of ride during which we achieve something apart from testing my skills of staying on, is very gratifying. Must remind myself that even the smallest actions are steps in the right direction, and that everything is an improvement and a testament of how far we have come so far!
Fancy boy after riding outdoors
This! ♥︎

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