Strange horse!

Vallu says HELLOOOO to everyone ♥︎
Vallu is always a little weird after a day off, he's hyper and totally in my face and so excited to be going to work. I do think he appreciates his days off (who wouldn't? :D ) but he is always just a bit wild, like an overly excited kid in a sweet shop! He also spooked at something so badly that I nearly fell off him! Walking with long reins, followed by sideways spook and gallop down the entire long side towards the door. I lost one stirrup, and trying to stop a galloping horse with long reins does take a while, so I had enough time to think would it be better to fall inside into the sand, or try to stay on but then risk falling off outside? Thank god Vallu stopped a few meters before the door!
The one second when he stood still
Trying to be all artsy ;)
Riding was interesting. I had absolutely no breaks at all, so doing a half halts had no effect on Vallu, and I ended up having to do really basic canter→trot→walk transitions constantly, as well as incorporating pole work in order to try to keep Vallu in control ;) Wild pony! I can't remember the last time that I've had to work so hard on making him concentrate on our work! So to keep it simple, and to not be in the way of everyone else riding at the same time, I stayed in the middle. With this exercise, I got all 3 paces and transitions between them, and a halt too (you could incorporate rein back in too!) 
Walk (black) trot (green) canter (blue) with halt at X
Weirdest horse of the day award going to Vallu
Does anyone's horse does this too? He'll lick my hand and then try to get my fingertips in his mouth between his lips, not his teeth and just keep them there for a while and then start again...

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