Onwards and upwards

Apologies for the week of silence, so much has been happening in my life that my blogging block came back at full force.
Vallu says hi to everyone reading!
Vallu managed to get ill again, like he did 2 months ago but this time it was on his right hind leg. We think that it's equine lymphangitis again, and I'm hoping this won't become a regular thing. With his antibiotics, his leg has finally started to look normal again after 6 days. Fingers crossed that he doesn't get this again, I don't think that my heart can withstand a third time of seeing a tree trunk like hind leg!
One the things that lymphangitis can get worse with is box rest, so Vallu has been turned out a lot (morning and late afternoon) and he's been in constant work, being lightly ridden. As much as it is disheartening to have a great horse like him and not get to train or compete, I'm more than happy to just spend time with him, relaxing and having fun. During this week, I've taken hacking out happily alone as a target and yesterday we reached, after only two attempts! I think that he is finally learning to trust me, and we even managed to canter - even if it was for only about twenty meters ;)
Always with his head in the trees
Whilst Vallu was ill, I had the pleasure of being able to ride baby B! We ended up going for a hack  in the woods, and it was wonderful to be able to spend some time with Basse. This horse will always be my baby, and I'm so grateful that he now has two great people leasing him as well as loving him as much as I do.
Dentist day!
Yesterday the vet came out to do Nelli, Basse and Rama's vaccinations and teeth. She also checked Vallu's teeth, and was very impressed with how they looked. I'm glad that everything that we had to go through in February with his teeth was worth it, and that it all looks good :) 

Next week we will hopefully have a training session and maybe even take Vallu out in the trailer for a proper hack out! 

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