Calevo and Ooteman in review

If you ever have money to burn, or if you need to buy some new stuff for you or your horse, you're gonna LOVE these two shops. We've recently had a bit of a splurge on horsey stuff, and these two shops have been highly recommended to us, and now thanks to their quick delivery come highly recommended from me. We ordered from both website Tues 12th, and they arrived from Calevo on Monday 18th (super quick, considering the Finnish post doesn't work on the weekends) and from Ooteman on the 19th.

This is a very popular site to purchase horse stuff from in Finland. They had a great deal on Pikeur breeches, so if anyone in Europe is looking to buy new Pikeurs, this is the site to go to!! The range of products isn't that exciting, they've mainly got Euro-Star, Pikeur/Eskadron and Cavallo. But if these are your go to favourite brands, then you can find some great deals. We bough Cavallo overreach boots, Eskadron bandages and Pikeur breeches, and I think we saved quite a bit of money! The delivery was super fast, and the price of delivery wasn't even too bad. Definitely a good shop!

I found this site thanks to a few recommendations from people on Facebook, and thanks to their amazing sale, it's made its way into the list of my favourite sites to shop from! There is an amazing selection to choose from, both in rider wear and horse wear, including Animo, Anky, Euro-Star, Pikeur/Eskadron, Esperado, Harry's Horse, Kingsland, Scapa and BR. I love shops that have slightly lower prices, but what I really appreciate is a shop that has built a great collection of equestrian brands to choose from. Another great thing was the ability to track your package. Ordering stuff online is always a bit worrying, I dread that the package will be lost (especially when I've spent quite a bit of money) so to be able to track the package is a big bonus!
The two things that I'd complain about was the cost of their delivery to Finland, which was quite a lot. It was twice the amount that it cost to deliver to Sweden, and considering that is our neighbouring country, I don't see how it could cost twice as much! Also, it took way too long to arrive considering how much I paid for it. So if you're not in a rush for the products to be delivered, the order from here. Grr. Rather annoyed, it was delivered to my local post office on 19th, but I was only told this on 25th! I know it wasn't Ooteman's fault, but the delivery company (GLS) / the Finnish post took too long in my opinion. But at least the products are cheaper than nearly anywhere else, and I don't think I would have found Kingsland products for such a good price anywhere else.

If anyone has any other equine shops that are like these, let me know! I'm always looking for a bargain.

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