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Luckily after Viva Carlos finished her incredible blog hop, Equestrian At Hart decided to pick up the reins, so thank you for that! I love reading other people's blog during blog hop, just cos I'm so nosy ;) I've also found a lot of great blogs to read, so I really recommend everyone checking out these blog hops! 
The first topic in question is actually a spin off of L's final hop. Hillary wants to know about what you ride in and why? Show us your Equestrian Fashion choices and tell us why you wear them!

Breeches: I've always had a pair of Pikeur breeches, because they fit well, last well and the fabric is the best, but becoming a poor student made me have to branch out onto new cheaper breeches. I now have a navy Cavallo pair (lovely, but the material is a lot thicker than Pikeur) and a bright light blue B Vertigo pair. I absolutely adore the B Vertigo pair, the colour is amazing but it seems to clash with just about everything! Arrgh. For a matchy maniac like myself, this is super annoying ;) I'm really fortunate that my parents have ordered new Pikeur breeches for me, a Lugana contrast pair that is called "bronze-negro" Hmm... I will be very interested to know what colour they are, hopefully in some shade of brown! I also have my treasured pair of Pikeur breeches that are white and saved for competitions, but I think I love them most out of all my breeches.
B Vertigo breeches and my old favourite Roeckl gloves
I have a variety of polo shirts, because apparently you can never have enough shirts. My two absolute favourite brands for riding shirts are Tommy Hilfiger and Horze. There's also a couple of HV Polo shirts that I've been given as presents or I've found them in the sale in Germany for a far more reasonable price than normal.
L to R: Joules, Horze, HV Polo x2
My new bling love is my Euro-Lite Hat, I really like the bling and the faux crocodile skin. It's been great in the summer too, the air vents in the middle keep my head nice and cool. It doesn't get so sweaty as my old hat, and it's not a pain to put it back on when riding the next horse even on a really hot summer day. And I'm another "Roeckl only" glove girl. Nothing else is good enough, I seem to hate the material of any other brand of gloves. I have three pairs of them, so that they last longer. Navy with white piping Roeckl Two Tone Light Grip, black Roeckl Light Grip Swarovski and a new brown pair that are the Meredit Michaels Beerbaum summer gloves, which are great for summer! I do also own a traditional white pair for competitions. (Glove addiction!)

Socks: Kingsland Kingsland Kingsland. That's all I'm gonna say. I have the lovely thin ones which are amazeballs <3 Brown set, black set and the navy set, I am a very happy girl.

My winter wardrobe is far more extensive, lots of coats and gillets/vests, and hoodies, but taking photos of them would take forever! Horze coats, Kingsland and HV Polo vests and hoodies. I just layer up as much as possible in the winter to stay warm.

And last but not least, my boots! I have two pairs of Königs boots, my old pair are over 6 years old, and have been very faithful to me. Last year I got a new pair, and I'm trying to save them as much as possible, so I use them mainly for training and competitions. Königs boots are great, they last forever and the price isn't too bad. The option to personalise the boots is an added bonus.

Equestrian At Hart, thanks for the great blog hop, and I hope you do more!

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