The self lunging horse returns!

At the beginning of the summer I ended up being able to lunge Vallu without a lunge rein. With his side reins on, he is perfectly content to do his work around me, and I've found that I'm able to change what he does with my body language. If I want a 10m circle, I'll move closer to him and his hind legs, and voilĂ , Vallu does a 10m circle. On our 20x40m outdoor arena, we can move from one end of the arena to other, just by me walking along the centre line towards the other end, and Vallu will follow me!
This is so cool, ever since I've seen mum do this with Nelli, I've wanted to be able to do this too. Obviously some times are better than others, but yesterday he was super and so incredibly focused on me. Considering this was his first time being worked on the outdoor arena for well over a month (we've been using the indoor to escape the flies/horseflies) I'm very impressed with his attitude! Good pony!

I love working with Vallu on this, it's just so different to what we normally do. It's so interesting to get the horse to react to your voice and body language. The next thing that we're working on is getting him to change the rein without having a hissy fit. He is still stuck on wanting me to stop him, pat him, and then turn him around to the other direction, instead of being able to change direction himself when he is loose and walking/trotting around me.

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