Teddy bear

Apparently autumn/winter arrived here over night?!? We went from nearly ten degrees at night to barely above zero, so even though I increased his rugs, Vallu went all teddy bear on me and is now looking rather fluffy. It's adorable and I love how his colouring is changing, but boo hiss at the amount of rugging and the time I'm going to be spending waiting for him to dry after riding. And thank god for indoor arenas, I don't know how I could have survived the last few days without an indoor!
I've been working with Vallu on lunging without any pessoa/side reins. It's been taking a while, but we might be starting to get somewhere. Every now and then he'll give me a fantastic couple circles of trot or canter his his back totally relaxed and head down by stretching his neck! Vallu loves the lunge work (Vallu is a lazy horse at heart, happy with less work when no rider) but he's so damn easily distracted. There were horses jumping in the outdoor arena and so he had to stare at those at every opportunity... Such a boy. But such a good boy, he even managed to canter over poles today! ♥︎

I have a very exciting horsey day tomorrow, and I'm hoping to be able to blog about it on the weekend! And then next Monday we have our Andrew Fletcher, which I am so looking forward to. It's all good! :)

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