Vallu has been very lovely this week, maybe it was his Valentine's day present to me ;) He was super good to ride on Saturday considering the fact that on Friday he had to do lost his near hind shoe so that we had to beg the farrier to come out asap. Happy Friday 13th to us...
You can just about see his purple toe...
"Totally innocent and have done nothing wrong" face

On even better news, you can really see how Vallu's tail has started growing back. Because he is so massive he rubs it when travelling long journeys on the lorry. You can see what 5 months of chia seeds (from Chia de Gracia) has done, the top bit is growing wonderfully. Vallu is also starting to change into his summer coat and so everything seems to rubbing him at the moment, but he doesn't look anywhere near as bad as he in previous years and I can only account this due to the fact that he is on Chia seeds. Come on spring 
We even saw some spring flowers starting to come through today on our hack out, spring is hopefully starting to spring soon ♥︎

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