Jump for joy

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it"
This view though...
Vallu seems to have settled into the new yard really well. He's been lovely to ride, lovely to handle and a right little cuddly bear every time that I see him ♥︎ He seems to like his neighbours (a mare and a gelding) and the other horse owners like him too :) All is good so far! We've done plenty of walking and trotting up and down the drive way, with the hope of eventually getting out of the second gates to go down the public bridleway. We just need to get him over his little problem/tension with gates...

Since there was no one else on the yard on Saturday lunch time I decided to see what Vallu would think about jumping over tiny tiny little cross poles.... And he managed to make it over them perfectly 100%. What a good boy :) Hopefully we can make this a weekly thing, so that eventually I might be brave enough to ride him over some jumps too :D 

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