We've moved

All packed up and ready to go
 One of the reasons why it's been a bit quiet on this blog recently is that I've been getting ready to move yards. I had a lot of things to sort through and organise before moving, and the last week has been very busy. We've gone from having full livery to assisted DIY which means that I get to spend more time at the stables! :) Vallu gets turned out and mucked out Monday to Friday, but I get to do everything else. It's a bit like being back at home.
Vallu's new stable
 I've loved being at Vale View, and I don't think that I would have coped with the move here from Finland at the start of university as well as I did if we hadn't been at VV. But since I haven't been able to compete like I was planning to, Vallu deserves to be at a smaller quieter yard. We have individual winter/summer turnout, indoor and outdoor arenas, a horse walker and a massive long drive from the gates that is basically hacking out and once the hay is cut from the fields we get to canter on the fields :)

Alpacas... Which are obviously super scary 
Today we only went for a hand walk along the drive (very relaxed and not spooky Vallu...) and in the indoor and outdoors. I didn't think it would be fair to ride him, and by the time that I had moved all of my stuff I didn't really have the energy either :P I'll try riding tomorrow, it will be interesting what he'll find scary in the indoor - and he's got a big list to choose from: roller doors, jumps in the corner, sand pile in another corner and the door to barn where you can see everyone out of :D
Smallest holes in a hay net that I've EVER seen

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