Learning from a jumping lesson?

Not a lot of space...
Who says dressage riders can't learn anything from show jumping? From a jumping/event lesson I got reminded that:
1. A horse needs to be straight to get the best paces out from it - straightness does improve the technique and quality of the canter
2. Riding a square instead of a circle is some times useful - you really have to get the hind legs underneath the horse in the corners and it is a lot easier to get the horse straighter on a square rather than on a circle
3. Making sure the canter is properly active is incredibly important and helps you to improve the quality of the canter 
4. Controlling the outside shoulder is vital - it makes your diagonals/lines a hundred percent more accurate and straighter
P.S Can you tell the lesson was all about straightness? ;) 

You'll never catch me doing this in a million years...

Little one ♥︎

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