Pole work

I achieved another personal milestone yesterday when we had a proper session over some poles. I've always been a big fan of pole work but having been galloped off with Vallu multiple times whenever we've had a pole day, I've become a bit anxious about it. But for some reason yesterday I was in one of those "now or never" moods and was determined to get back into it.

 One of things that remains in my head from Lili's lesson (which you can read about HERE) is that one of Vallu's lazy habits is to fall in on the left rein when either on a small circle or riding into the corner, and to improve this serpentines are great. Having to do a three looped serpentine with two poles when crossing the arena improved the straightness in our trot and then also Vallu wasn't able to fall in on his left shoulder. 
"See I'm already tired BEFORE working..."
The two poles down the centre line also highlighted the weakness of Vallu's left canter. After the first pole he did a flying change to the right or then dropped to trot. The left canter became a bit choppy and 'up' instead of  forwards, but by the end of the exercise it got better. This is definitely one to repeat. We've only ever done canter over a single pole, but this time I wanted to do two, and I'm so glad we did. Next time we might do three... :D It was so nice to really feel how Vallu moved and really engaged his hind legs both in trot and in canter.
"I would like to make a complaint please... I'm being worked too hard"

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