New Le Mieux set

Stone grey pad and dark grey bandages
Dark grey binding and 

Thank you to my parents for this lovely gift, you are the bestest ever! This weekend I received the Le Mieux Vogue Glint dressage saddle pad and grey bandages. I've been really slow to join in the love for Le Mieux, but am now totally converted. On their website, this is the product description: "Luxurious brushed cotton finish complimented with a border of braided rope and diamante crystal. Underside of super soft flannel lining and large quilted squares give an even more sumptuous feel."

It looks white in the sun...
Clever straps that attach to the D-rings instead of having to be tucked underneath the flap
Grey bandages to match the binding

The whole set ♥︎

What do you guys think?

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