On Saturday this was my hacking out partner! Lulu is one the lovely mares at the yard, who is a 15hh cob so she's a bit smaller than Vallu ;) but she's a dream to ride as she's a hunter and a hunter so has seen and dealt with everything and I don't have to worry about anything with her. There were so many times during this hack that I was like "thank god I'm not riding Vallu" and so glad to be an experienced mare that wasn't bothered at all about traffic, combine harvesters and tractors, kids, dogs, other horses etc. I'm so grateful that I have yard friend who are willing to let me ride their horses and trust me enough with them. 
There's some really beautiful sights close by the yard
Never been hacking out on the smallest horse before
 Vallu had to cope with being ridden in the indoor trying to get back into the swing of things. He lost his shoe Tuesday evening (after being ridden) and luckily the farrier fixed him Thursday evening so he only really got two days off - and lots of turn out so it didn't bother him at all! We have a lesson next Wednesday and I really need to get us both supple and quick thinking - we've had so many light weeks due to the physio, dentist and now Vallu losing his shoe that we really aren't on top form, although Vallu is feeling a lot better and happier than before the physio. Luckily I know Lili won't mind and it will be a good kick up the bum to get us back on track. 

What Vallu thinks of being worked
Friday and Sunday was spent getting used to trotting and cantering on the fields and I'm happy to report that we had no unplanned dismounts, even though Vallu once stopped mid stride in trot to put his head to eat grass and my face collided with his neck. I really want someone to come take photos/videos of this, because it is another big achievement for me. We've even managed to attempt going slightly faster than a collected canter so maybe one day we might even manage to do gallop ;)

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