Top tips for how to balance revision and riding

For anyone else who is at university or college, or even at school you will know the difficult balancing act of trying to make sure you put enough effort into your exams and enough time into revision for these exams alongside trying to make sure your horse gets enough attention, love and care from you, and exercise too. Here's how I try to make sure that even though I put revision ahead of my horse, I still get my horse exercised and happy. 

#1: Give more days off - although I really don't like giving Vallu too many days off, during exam times I am more than happy to give him 3 days off a week so that it ends up that he's in work every other day. It's enough  to keep him safe and sane, but it also gives me more time to revise. And I'm pretty sure Vallu doesn't mind being turned out for six hours stuffing his face with grass ;)

#2: Do fun stuff - when you do ride, don't do training sessions because more than likely you'll be stressed and it won't go well. Instead do something fun. I've been hacking out and riding in the fields, so that Vallu gets his exercise, and it will be fun for you both and a de-stressing moment for you.
#3: Use the time at the yard to relax, but if you've got a spare moment use the time to revise. I've spent many hours in Vallu's field when he's been turned out doing revision. I have no distractions thanks to having no wifi, and the calm atmosphere helps me concentrate. 

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