So proud!

Either I am just imaging things, but Vallu really does feel better now that he's back in work after the physio :) The left canter that has always been more difficult and slightly uncomfortable to sit to is now really soft, and he's finding stretching forwards in the trot a lot easier too... Having a week of only light riding has also been really good for myself, since I've had time to focus on how I am riding - little things like right elbow needs to be closer to my body and that my feet shouldn't be too deep in the stirrups. I'm really excited to see if Lili can see anything different during our next lesson next week!
The bridlepath took us through a field with cows in it :D 
 To celebrate this, and to enjoy our Bank Holiday Monday we went for another hack. And I forgot my draw reins, so this was my very first hack with no draw reins(!!) and it was very relaxing and enjoyable. I said to my friend that it's lovely to finally be able to hack out like normal people do with Vallu. We managed to cope with gates, cows, joggers with loose dogs, cars, vans, horse lorries and cyclists without any spooking. Much more of this please ♥︎
How Vallu likes to spend his afternoons

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