Busy weekend!

Finally re-united with our hacking partners Lisa and Milky ♥︎
Wow, what a weekend it has been!! Safe and calm hacking out achieved twice with Vallu, I have schooled Zu properly on Saturday and on Sunday Lili and I took her grey boys up the drive before going to her competition.  My back hurts, my thighs hurt, my stomach muscles hurt but this is all good pain - it means I am getting to do the stuff that I love to do and it's all good for me!

 There is no point for this blog post apart from the fact that I want to remember the memories and events when looking back at the year. I have also become very aware of the fact that I have around 6 weeks left before starting the trip back to Finland and I'm trying to enjoy my time here as much as I possibly can and live life to the fullest! :)
Vallu nannying Fons up the drive

Zu in mango big square set from Fur Feather Meds

Vallu and Winston on the way back from our very first hack in 4 months!
Sunday morning going up the drive in head collars!! 

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