Springtime matchy

With this crazy one day rain one day glorious warm sunny days weather nobody could say that spring isn't on its way! Since moving back to Finland is edging closer and closer to me, I've been actively looking for some last minute bargains to take back with me - prices for Eskadron, Le Mieux, HV Polo sets are sky high in comparison to over here in the UK so it would be silly to not buy another set before I leave, right?! (Hello I have no horses to ride but at least I can dress them up pretty when they do come back into work - and I will have 2 once I'm back in Finland, so even more reasons to buy more matchy!)

Since strong bright colours seem to be the biggest trend at the moment, and so this amazing Le Mieux set has caught my eye! No one sells Le Mieux in Finland apparently either, so I would save on the hefty shipping costs that come with shipping stuff to Finland ;) 
And I think this would suit both my boys so well! There's nothing quite like setting yourself a goal (get all essays and dissertation done) and have a reward ready for once you achieve it! Surviving the deadlines of the last term of final year is turning out to be a lot harder than I thought it would. I am spending every single moment when I'm not at the yard on my laptop staring at three different essays. I have a total of 19.5k words due in by the 9th May, and then an exam on 24th - but then I am done! After which then starts the big move back to Finland :)

And for me too ;)

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