Farrier and dentist weekend!

What an exciting weekend we've had ;) Farrier on Saturday and a trip to a dentist clinic on Sunday to sort those teeth out. Pleased to say that Vallu loaded superbly well (he's not been on a lorry in a year!) and was a superb gentleman to travel like always - clear to see he hasn't forgotten his travelling manners! I hate the dentist, but Vallu needs his teeth checked more than once a year because of his tendency to get hooks right at the back or then he becomes very uneven quite quickly, so 6 monthly check ups are vital for making sure he stays happy and comfortable.
Out of this world pony :D

Because we knew he needed a lot of work doing, the vet there was happy to sedate him in order to allow the dentist to do her work without Vallu twitching or moving. He got a normal that are given to 'bigger' horses but for some reason this time it took well over two hours for Vallu to get back to normal. Anyone else's horse take a super long time to recover from sedation?

So with new teeth and new shoes, maybe maybe we might get some good news in a week? :D (*fingers crossed*!)
New shoes too - please don't pull any of these off Vallu!

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