Jin Stirrups

I'm so blessed to have such lovely supportive parents and grandparents who are still willing to buy me gifts that are horsey! I can't even remember the last time that I had something non-horse related as a present... For my nameday present my parents and grandparents bought me my own Jin Stirrups! ♥︎ Jin Stirrup stirrups are made from aluminium so are super lightweight and you really don't feel them. The wide tread helps to provide a secure feeling in the saddle - they are double as wide as my old stirrup irons! And my entire position felt so much better (and looked much better in the mirrors too) because my lower leg was a lot more secure. I've also found that the grated diamond tread of the base gives you a huge amount of grip. I hardly ever lose my stirrups, but there isn't a ride where I don't readjust the stirrup until I feel comfortable again but with the Jins I haven't had to do this once.

If you can afford the hefty price tag or ask for Jins as a present, I would 100% recommend them! I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out for any second hand pairs that are on Facebook as I'd love to get another pair for my other saddle.

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