Too optimistic

It appears that in my last post about Basse that I had been too optimistic. A month later at our following check up, theres been no change and at worst there's possibly been further damage to the area :( Even though he is walking 100% sound and doesn't look like he's in any pain what so ever in walk, in trot he's still lame even though he's been off work since February!  
It is disheartening and worrying that he's showing no signs of improvement. The vet advised us to give him until winter arrives (weak ligament and ice and snow is very risky) and then decide to what would be best for him. I wish there was a miracle drug to cure him and make him better :( Unlike in England where we could just retire him in a field, the winter's in Finland are so tough on the horses' legs and there is no field turn out during the winter that it's just not possible. 

My poor boy :( 

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