Monday Motivation: Olympics edition

Anyone else become utterly hooked on the Olympics? I have! So much so that I've tried to plan my days and riding times so that I wouldn't miss watching the most important tests. The eventing dressage was really lovely to watch, I was so impressed with so many of the rides especially our Finnish rider Elmo Jankari with his mare Duchess Desiree. A beautifully ridden test, shame about the slightly excited flying changes that DD decided to throw! I did end up trying to ride some of the movements that were in the test the next day on Vallu with varying degrees of success - but it definitely gave me a good old kick up the behind to start doing some more advanced work :)

 And goodness me, the cross country course was incredibly scary to watch, I'm glad Elmo and DD made it home safe and sound. But, what I'm looking most forward to obviously is the dressage! Starting on Wednesday, we have two days of the Grand Prix followed by the Grand Prix Special on Friday and finally the Kür on the following Monday. My brother is at Rio currently as a trainer so we're getting all these cool updates from him, and most riders there are being incredibly active on social media (Twitter and Facebook for sure, Instagram for some too!) so it's really easy to keep up to date with what is going there #JointheJourney #TwoHearts #equestriansports #Rio2016
Finnish times
(And most annoyingly my scheduled post didn't work for some reason and this didn't actually publish on Monday which is why I've had to manually release this on Tuesday morning when I realised what had happened!)

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