Handy Cures' Super Pulsed Low Level Laser

We've been using the Handy Cures' Laser for over a month now and I've been really impressed with how it seems to be helping every single one of our horses. I've been using it a lot on Basse in an attempt to try to help his injury heal at least a little bit more so that when we have the next scan we could have better results. 
For those who don't know, Handy-Cure is a small and portable device that is based on Quantum Medicine technology which combines four different energy sources, each is known for its therapeutic effect. The combination of low-level pulse laser radiation, infrared radiation, visible red light, and static magnetic fields are meant to provide therapeutic effect. It's designed to relieve pain and treat wide range of symptoms including acute and chronic pains, improving blood circulation and reduce inflammation. 

The most visible results so far have been when there's been a little bit of visible swelling which has disappeared after 20 minutes of the laser! Mum has even used it on her own foot and she says that after using it twice her foot feels less painful and I can see that it's less swollen. We've both used it on the horses' backs too, when the muscles on the back have felt really tight and painful the day after using the laser their backs' have felt much better and a lot more normal.
They are quite(!!) expensive, but after our physio recommended one as she uses on most of the horses that she treats, I think it has been totally worth the money especially with it being used on a daily basis and being beneficial to every horse. If anyone is considering investing in a laser, I would really recommend this one!

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