Weekend birthday trip to England!

I'm so looking forward to retuning to England, even if it is only for 3 days! I'm going back to my old yard because Lili is hosting the FFM Fashion Show for Equine Market Watch. I'm going to help out at the event and to be a model ;) ahaha! But it's going to be so much fun and it's for such a good cause that I'm really grateful for my parents for buying me my flight to be able to go and have fun on the weekend before my 23rd birthday!

There are loads of amazing prizes to be had so even if you cannot attend, you could always buy some raffle tickets to be in with a chance to win! The last time I checked there were 52 prizes to be won. Raffle tickets are £2 each.

I'm also doing a lot of shopping from Fur Feather Meds (obviously...) #happybirthdaytomefromme and therefore am going over with an empty to suitcase that more than likely will be too full with everything that I am trying to get! Even the mothership has gone wild and decided to buy a Kingsland coat (drool...) and a burgundy Le Mieux set.

100% Euro-star set in the colour emerald that looks like the most amazing turquoisey colour that I have ever seen!

HV Polo training top to go with the RAF blue saddle pad and bandages
Vallu is also lucky as he's getting a new set of boots thanks to naughty Rama destroying the ones we had! I'm going to try the Le Mieux fluffy croco ones, they look so comfy and hopefully will last as well as my BR set did. I think I'm going to have the best dressed horses in Finland when I return ;)

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