Hello September!

Ahh don't you just LOVE autumn?! I adore the autumn season as I prefer the slightly cooler weathers, the amazing colours that the season brings with it and the nights drawing in slightly earlier! ♥︎
 The arrival of September also meant the end of my 3 month long holiday and the start of my master's degree at the University of Helsinki! Having survived the first week of orientations, I'm now actually looking forward to getting on with my studies. It's so very different from Nottingham but I think it might end up being even better! My ability to fit studying for a master's degree and riding two horses and not dying from lack of sleep is still not guaranteed, but I'm hoping that once everything settles down into the weekly routine it will get a lot easier. 
And finally since my last blog post about our lesson with Ville, I'm so pleased to have finally gotten my riding mojo back with Vallu! Every time that I have ridden him since falling off I've felt better and more confident but until yesterday there hadn't been that feeling of trust and connection. We'd had good rides, bad rides and fun rides (with lots of pole work!) but I hadn't felt 100% back to normal. I don't know if my brain just needed a few weeks to get back to normal or I needed a certain amount of spooks that I managed to control and not fall off so I that I could get my self confidence back, but it felt SO good to finally have the ability to ride normally - we even managed our first set of  three tempis since I don't know when maybe before Christmas?! 

We have a couple of clinics and lessons lined up for the next two months which I'm really looking forward to, it will be nice to get Vallu out and about so that it becomes less daunting for me in case we possibly manage to make it to a few competitions next season!

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