Saddle update!

At last! After spending the last 9 months wishing for a deeper seat for Basse's WOW saddle, it finally arrived on Monday and yesterday I got ride in my 'new' saddle. I can't say it's totally new because we've only changed the seat from deep to extra deep, but it does feel like a brand new saddle to me πŸ˜
The extra deep seat has a very high round cantle to give a deep supportive seat and is used mainly by dressage riders. The deep seat instead has just a high round cantle and is used by dressage riders and show jumpers alike because the seat give a secure central feel, but the extra deep is designed just for dressage riders because it does sit you really 'deep' - which I prefer a lot more!! Not only do I feel more secure, but my back is a lot happier too. The extra deep seat lets my sit in such a way that lets me find the most comfortable position for my back. This is incredibly important for me as I suffer from my spine being too straight - caused by one too many back injuries which have caused a lessened curvature in my spine. 

Whenever I rode both boys on the same day I would always wish that Vallu's saddle would fit Basse because I found it so much easier and more comfortable to sit in Vallu's saddle where the only difference between the saddles was the seat style. But no more! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
I love it and I'm so grateful for the present from my parents. A massive thanks to Lorna from LT Equine for sorting out our order and getting it shipped to Finland in less time than the original agreement! It arrived in perfect condition too and Lorna was so incredibly helpful during the whole procedure.

Ahh I'm so excited! I love it so much!

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