Trends to watch out for: HV Polo SS17

Spring time colours!! ❤️ πŸ’› πŸ’š πŸ’™ πŸ’œ Finally some wonderfully bright colours are coming out! I always prefer the SS collections as they lean towards brighter colours than AW collections (obviously) but having survived the -20C snow and ice for the last few months I am TOTALLY ready for spring 🌳🌱🌷 🌻🌸🌼🌺
For the longest time I have really felt like we have been 'stuck' in between seasons. All the AW collections came out October, all the shops have had their sales and there has been nothing exciting for months... But now I have four of these 'trends to watch out for' posts lined up because finally we have reached that time that the spring collections get published. I've already blogged about euro-star's  upcoming collection here

Now most people know how much I love HV Polo. Alongside Eskadron, these two are my go to top quality brands. Even though sometimes the HV Polo have been a tad on the small size, the last collection was good and I'm pretty confident this collection has also got the normal sizing again!

Most of my favourite rider clothing is HV Polo. It's as nice quality wise as Pikeur but just that little bit cheaper and they tend to have a little bit of sparkle/glitter thrown in. I have several t shirts, sweaters and socks and NONE of them have disappointed me so I'm really looking forward to updating my wardrobe with new colours from this collection. Another point goes to HV Polo for always bringing out several colours, not just two or three. For this collection there is pepper, aqua (LOVE!) blossom, breeze, coral pink, denim melange, lemon, navy, ocean and optical white... So lots to chose from.

Not only this, but HV Polo have extended their range to a greater variety of boots and overreach boots. I already have a royal blue set of tendon and fetlock boots but I think I may need to get another pair in aqua and then some over reach boots too! They look really really nice πŸ˜
What do you think? Do you you like this collection?

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