SS17 Wishlist

As my most popular posts seems to be those about new equestrian trends and styles (equestrian lifestyle guru in the making here! 😉) I thought I'd share my own SS17 wishlist or in other words what I already have on pre-order/ what I will buy as soon as possible list!
I'm currently trying to ignore the fact that we've had over 25cm of snow in the last 48 hours and that it looks like we've gone backwards in time to 3 months ago and whatever hint of spring that was in the air over the weekend has now fully disappeared... I'm also trying to ignore the fact that both boys feeling a bit 'bleh' recently. Nothing is really wrong but neither has their usual umph and nothing seems to excite them anymore - I think they are both suffering from the winter blues, wishing that spring would arrive so that we wouldn't have to spend any more time in the indoor. So yes, onto the bright, happy fun stuff!

1. Anky dressage set with Kingsland overboots:

So I'm not entirely sure that these stock pictures are the real colour of this set because having seen real life photos of it, I think it's a lot more green than this turquoise colour? But either way, everyone who follows me on Instragram knows how much I adore my Anky sets. As the saddle pads are lined with moisture regulating Coolmax they are the best at keeping the horses cool even when you're training hard. Whilst my Eskadron and euro-star sets get soaked with sweat, none of my Anky pads do. It also helps that the Anky anti slip letters on the saddle place help the saddle stay in a stable position AND the letters are glittery! ✨✨✨ And I think I have a bit of addiction to over reach boots, so these navy patent Kingsland boots are just amazing. 

2. HV Polo tendon and fetlock boots and HV Polo t-shirt:
Both in the colour aqua, I can't wait to get these! Most of my riding t-shirts are HV Polo so I know the quality is great. When it's really wet or I'm only going for a quick ride I prefer using boots and I'm 99% sure this will match my Eskadron ice blue saddle pad! I already own a set of HV Polo boots that I bought second hand years ago and they are still in such great condition that I'm ready to purchase another pair. They've already landed at Fur Feather Meds, I'm just waiting something to else to arrive first before they are all posted together.

3. Pikeur breeches and Spooks t-shirt:
 I adore this unicorn sequin t-shirt from Spooks. Anything to do with unicorns just make me think of Basse and my inner magpie adores the sequins! And since I am the biggest fan of Pikeur breeches and my summer breeches are all looking a bit tired when I saw these new Pikeur Danita Grip breeches I nearly drooled... 😍 Not only is the logo crystal, but the letters themselves are GLITTERY!

Have you spotted anything from the new SS17 collections that you want to buy?


  1. I'm loving the turqouisey green colors this spring. The Anky pad is already on my wish list :) Asmar has their "rider" jacket this spring in a blue similar to your boots that is tempting me also, although I have zero use for another jacket.

    1. Ah yay! Let me know when you get the Anky pad, I want to see it! I've just spent 15 minutes on Asmar's website and I think I need that jacket 😍