DIY mounting block

So over the weekend one of our mounting blocks decided to die when I was getting on Vallu - super good horse for not spooking and taking off with me because it made an almighty loud snap when it broke!! Instead of buying another cheap wooden stool from IKEA (tbf, they do last quite well)  I decided to scour Pinterest and see I could find any inspo for a DIY mounting block. I wanted something that looked similar to this ⬇️

Because I'm terrible at DIY stuff, luckily dad was able to do this for me hahaa! 🔨🔧We had lots of wood left from extending our terrace which meant that there was no excuse for why we shouldn't attempt to make a mounting block. And if it didn't work out we could always pop into IKEA and buy their one. But in the end it only took dad about an hour to finish it, whereas I would have taken more like 3 hours #nodiyskills... We ended up with 24 pieces that would make three steps, with a 20cm difference between them and it's SO tall! I love it! No more trying to cling on to Vallu when getting on especially when he's feeling hot or a bit cold backed and I'm pretty sure that I could get on Basse bareback no problem 🙌🏻

And here's the finished product! 🎊🎉 The highest step is 60cm and the smallest one is just 20cm, which in my books makes this the perfect height. It's really sturdy so I'm 100% convinced this will last forever!


  1. Dads are awesome. I've thought about asking my dad to make me a really awesome wooden tack trunk as a gift but I think I will wait for a bit. I want to be established in a barn so I don't have to worry about hauling it around if I change places!

  2. Great ! It looks verry stylisch, i purchased a metal fowlding 3 step smal stairway for €20. En take it im my trailet on the the trips en tracks around the country.
    Aldo for @home om the mini Ranch it may work out fine ththis model of yours 😋😋