Sundayfunday: arena hire!

On Sunday we took Rama and Vallu to a local livery yard to hire out their indoor arena. Their indoor arena is brilliant, it's 25x65m, the surface is amazing and the mirrors are huge which is really helpful. We like to take the horses there every now because it's really good for them to remain used to travelling and working at a different place than at home, it makes life much easier going to shows or somewhere else for training. Since it's only 20 minutes away from us, it doesn't take too much time away from our day and it's 100% worth it IMO 👍🏻

Don't you love the faces you make when concentrating? 
The last time I was here with Vallu was our most recent lesson with Ville (which you can read about here if you missed it!) where Vallu decided to make me work hard on the most simple things like a 20m counter canter circle so I was determined to get these as good as they have been at home. And what do you know - he did them perfectly in both directions on the first go! 😆 Since he was so good with these, I decided to have a run through some of the canter work from advanced level/PSG tests and I was very happily surprised to have no trouble with anything -  half passes, flying changes and half pirouettes. Granted we wouldn't get a great score, but it was nice to ride through these movements and them not feel terrible!

Matchy mother and daughter


  1. Looks very swish! & sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday!! :)

    1. Thank you! 😁 Maybe for normal non-horsey people it sounds like a terribly boring way to spend a Sunday, but I loved it!!