Kingsland Chisasib riding leggings

Riding leggings have recently exploded onto the European market, and not a day goes by where I don't see either a Facebook or Twitter advert for many different brands advertising their new riding leggings. 
After reading lots of really positive reviews on Facebook about the new Kingsland riding leggings last autumn, I was really intrigued. However my inner conservative traditionalist 'Ilovemybreeches' refused to go for it, but then when I saw Jessica's review of the new riding leggings from Kingsland Dressage this season on her blog Gee Gee & Me, I decided to go for it and try them out. 

From what I had already read, I was expecting the riding leggings to be very comfortable. They are made of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex which means that they are super pleasant to wear! 👌🏻 The anti-slip 'sticky' seat is extra stiff and flexible and provides a good grip and = a more stable seat while riding than the old style ridding leggings from Kingsland that only had sticky knees. One of the biggest positives about these riding leggings is that the waistband is really thick and really holds everything in whilst still being comfortable enough to do all your horsey chores. The thin, stretchy fabric is moisture wicking, breathable and quick drying which is why I wanted them before the summer. Just don't freak out when you open the package and see the leggings, they look tiny! 😳 These 'feel' really thin, so if it's cold and windy outside I wouldn't wear them but I expect these to be so much nicer to wear in the summer than the traditional breeches which  are SO hot in the summer.

They're also not overtly blingy or in your face. In fact, the only dealing on them is the Kingsland logo on the waistband on the back and below the waistband on the front as well as the really subtle contrast piping on the side of the leg. 
For hacking or going for a quick ride, I wouldn't wear anything else now!! These are amazing and I really do recommend them! However, if I want to go have a lesson or practise e.g. tempi changes with Vallu, I'm going to stick to my Pikeur breeches. The riding leggings are not made for the extravagant moves that Vallu makes and several times I have nearly slid out of the saddle thanks to his very airy flying changes, as you can see: ⬇️
Please don't judge - I hadn't asked for these and was totally unprepared for Vallu to suddenly do one tempis!

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