It's here! Double bridle from EquiWare UK

A few months ago I wrote about the fact that I had ordered a double bridle from EquiWare UK and this week it arrived! I was super excited for it arrive just before we have a training session on Sunday so that I can have a few rides in it and then see what my trainer thinks about it. 

But holeymoley isn't this pretty?! The best things are the padded and anatomically shaped headpiece, the anatomically shaped noseband (which is patent too!) and that the throatlash and cheekpieces made from rolled leather. I think it weighs about half of the old bridle so I'm pretty convinced that it feels much better for Vallu. My first ride in this was incredible! Even my mother commented on the fact that he looked really content and happy, so I'm actually over the moon. I just want to have a happy horse who feels comfortable.
Add Noseband is also really cut away to take away pressure from those important facial nerves

The brow band is massive and for sure not tight or causing any pressure

It's like this headpiece was made with Vallu's ears in mind! It fits perfectly!
Like I mentioned on the blog's Facebook page another note worthy thing to mention is that delivery from UK to Finland took only 4 working days. Thank you EquiWare UK for creating the bridle of my dreams and answering all my questions and for keeping me up to date all the time! I'm definitely considering going back to EquiWare when Basse needs a new snaffle bridle ✨


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    1. Ah thank you, I think so too! I LOVE the browband too!

  2. So pretty! I love the brow band, and it looks incredibly comfortable.


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