Launch on Facebook!

I thought it was about time to join every other equestrian blogger in creating a Facebook page for my little blog. For a long time since the launch of Roosa's Horsey Life in January 2013, I have resisted creating a Facebook page as I didn't feel like I would be able to provide anything worthwhile that would be different enough from my blog posts, instagram and twitter updates. Also, I write purely for fun and mainly for myself as it's a hobby that I adore and I've always been a bit nervous to go public on Facebook... However, now that I have a clearer understanding about what each different social platform requires and what this blog's followers like and dislike on each platform, I thought it was the right time to create  a Facebook account for the blog where I can post quick updates that don't require  a blog post, share companies that I like, training tips and funny photos that I don't tend to share on instagram or on here.

If you enjoy reading this blog then please be kind and go like our brand new Facebook page as I'd love you to be part of it! It can be found as @roosashorseylife or just click HERE



  1. Welcome to the dark side! Haha

    1. Ahh thanks! It's super interesting to put faces to people's names!