A new family member!

I'm so excited to finally be doing a blog introduction of this guy! Just under two weeks ago this cute little fella turned up at our yard having spent 6 months at my brother's stables in Germany as a sales livery which is where mum spotted him and fell in love with him. When we lost Nelli in 2016 the entire family was devastated, and it's taken mum a very long time to even be interested in buying another horse to join our gang but finally this summer she started looking for a new one and now we have another bay gelding 🐴
He's a 13 year old Danish WB gelding (Blue Hors Don Schufro x Racot). Because of his ridiculous show name, his stable name is now Erkki, although I think he'll become Eric once we move back to the UK since I don't think anyone will be able to pronounce that!! He's a funny little creature, he's only 16.2 hh but he doesn't feel that small when you're riding him and good god when he does extended trot you can see how he is directly from Don Schufro - those of you who know dressage breeding lines will know why I'm so excited to have him join our family 😍

It's been interesting to watch how Vallu reacted to him and to see how much of a big brother he has turned into. Vallu and Erkki very quickly became very attached to each other so now Erkki is willing to go anywhere as long Vallu is walking in front of him. It's incredibly cute to watch how Erkki keeps an eye on Vallu all the time and how he copies what Vallu does, like when Vallu goes to roll in his paddock Erkki goes to roll too!

Since he is mum's horse he won't be on the blog that often but if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook he'll get regular updates on there 💕


  1. Omg! He's so cute, and I love him. Also, that BREEDING holy cow! 💕

    1. Ahh yes my inner WB breeding nerd is super excited!! 😁

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, he's very sweet but needs a major dose of TLC 😍