#rootd Eskadron Platinum 2017 blackberry!

I honestly cannot remember a time that I had been so excited for a new matchy set... Yes I know this may make me look sad to some people but honestly this colour from Eskadron when they first released it in 2013 is the ONE set that I have regrets about not buying! So when I found out that they were re-releasing the colour four years later, I knew I was going to pre-order that set so that I wasn't going to miss out on it again.
This is honestly one of my favourite colours because it is just so versatile - I hate it when a matchy set only looks good on a certain colour. This one you can put on any horse of any colour and the set will still look fantastic 🔮💜 Both of mine look fantastic in it, and if you search the hashtag #eskadronblackbbery on Instagram you'll see just how amazing it looks on every single horse!

Saddle pad: Eskadron Platinum 2017 blackberry glossy crystal
Bandages: Eskadron Platinum 2017 blackberry
Over reach boots: Eskadron Platinum 2017 navy
Top: H&M basic burgundy sweatshirt
Breeches: Pikeur Lucinda Grip navy breeches
Gilet: Spooks Snoopy navy gilet

Here you can see what it looks like on:
I am aware that I'm not wearing the gilet, it was just too warm to be wearing it too! I'm also wearing a  hoodie rather than the sweatshirt because H&M is super slow with my delivery so the sweatshirt hasn't actually arrived yet. Also the hoodie is about two sizes too big, but we can ignore that 🙈

What do you think of this riding outfit? Do you like it?


  1. I LOVE this and want that vest so bad! That is a really versatile color too which is nice :)

    1. Haha, yes the vest is amazing, could never afford it myself but luckily I got it for a birthday present!