Equestrian Blogger of the Year 2017

I am very proud and totally honoured to be named as Haynet's Equestrian Blogger of the Year 2017! 👑🏆

I'm very rarely speechless, but I must admit this has taken me a long time to write as I just don't know what to say apart from thank you 💕

Like I wrote earlier, it was an honour in itself to be in the final group as I didn't even think I would make it! There were 12 finalists all with different blogs, I think nearly all interests and disciplines were covered. I was really pleased to see more international bloggers in the final group too, which is why Haynet and MirrorMePR decided to embrace the ever-increasing presence of international bloggers and to surprise us all with a brand new award - the International Talent award which Tacchi A Cavallo won! The Recognition of Talent award went to Diary of a Wimpy Eventer  and the Rising Star award to How Very Horsey. Well done guys!!

 THANK YOU ALL for taking the time to read my blog and voting for me, it's amazing to know that there are people out there who enjoy reading my content, following my horsey journey and be willing to vote for me! I was also overwhelmed with the comments that I received from the judges, Sam from Haynet and Ashely of MirrorMePR. Commenting on the 2017 winner, the judges said: “Roosa’s content was engaging, diverse and entertaining to read.  We loved her honest approach and open dialogue with the reader. A good mix of topical, personal and factual, Roosa’s warmth and enthusiasm radiates and is also reflective across her social channels.”
Take a read of the full awards announcement!
This award really means a lot to me to be recognised for the hard work and effort that does go into this blog. So thank you once again Haynet and MirrorMePR