Trends to watch out for: PS of Sweden SS18

I can still remember the morning when I opened up Facebook and randomly saw a post on one of the matchy chat groups that PS of Sweden was bringing back pale pink into their SS18 collection and for some reason unbeknownst to me I clicked on the photo, after which I saw the all of the other colours that they were also bringing out for their SS18 collection. My heart rate spiked and honestly... it was a much better way to wake up at 7 in the morning than normally with my extra large cup of coffee! PS of Sweden scores 5 stars for this collection ⭐️
Although I've not covered PS of Sweden on this blog before, I have been a long time fan - we already have the pale pink monogram set, two sets of boots and two pairs of over reach boots! I'm a big supporter of all the Scandinavian/Nordic brands because I do believe they are something special, but the reason why I've not included PSOS in my trends to watch out for series before this is because they've taken their time carefully moving on from selling just bridles and accessories towards becoming a true 'equestrian brand' that also produces saddle pads, bandages and boots. I should have blogged about the AW17 collection because this is when I think they achieved this - but hey better late than never! 😜

I LOVE it when brands are brave enough to bring out a multitude of colours, instead of just one or two, which is why Eskadron has always been at the top of my favourite equestrian brands. Although I do think Eskadron have got to do something pretty damn special to beat this collection... The colours that PS of Sweden have decided to bring out are: amethyst, champagne, infinity blue, laguna mint, taupe, true blue and aruba blue. I'm not sure if there is a need for 3 different blues but hey, they are super pretty and I think blue suits every colour of horse so it's going to sell well. The old pale pink has also been brought out again because it just sells so well each time - I think this is the third time it's been used in a collection. But the amethyst and champagne are STUNNING and I really like the look of taupe and laguna mint too.

It's also nice to see consistency developing with this brand as they've clearly got their different styles of saddle pads more sorted out nowadays; with the stripe pad, the monogram pad and the 'normal' cotton pad, although the cotton pad has been left out of this collection. Out of these the monogram pad is the most popular and it is certainly my favourite one and the only one I buy! And although the design of these pads may not be as reinforced for durability as the Le Mieux ones are, these are still very well thought out in my opinion. They too have the 'swan neck' design so that they don't pull down on the wither AND the saddle pad has what PSOS calls "stop cushions" to help keep the saddle pad still during the entire ride. Plus I just think these are SO drool worthy, I love the intricate designs and the bindings and the choice of colours and essentially just everything about them! I know they are on the higher end of the price range but I do think they are 100% worth it. It's also worth mentioning that if you go to re-sell your PSOS set in one of those matchy groups of Facebook, you are more than likely to get a good amount of money back despite it being second hand, unlike with HV Polo or euro-star.

But here we go, here are the official photos of PS of Sweden's SS18 collection: ⤵️
This is one is coming home to me! 💜
I think this is a LOVELY shade of blue!
(All photos are from PS of Sweden's website or then have been found floating around on Facebook's matchy groups)
I'm not a fan of the stripe pad, but life would be boring if we all liked the same stuff!

What do you think - do you like the collection? Do you own any PSOS sets? 


  1. OMG I cannot look at these things, I'm trying to save some money up girl!
    Such a temptation now, I was trying to stay away from their website haha! So obsessed with all of these colors!

    1. Hhahha!! I was trying to save money too but when I saw this I had a major case FOMO and decided to sell some older sets so that I could get the amethyst one! 💜