Le Mieux's integrated girth product review

Since last October, I've been using Le Mieux's integrated dressage girth (black wool) on Basse and I thought I could do a product review on it now that it's been used for several months. It's been very throgouhtly tested, and overall I love it. 

Basse has a sarcoid on the back of his right front leg, and when I tried using Vallu's Prolite girth on him last autumn it rubbed it open but luckily this girth doesn't which automatically gives the girth extra points - I am all for anything that makes my horses feel more comfortable! I am actually truly really pleased about this with this girth, as the only reason that the sarcoid isn't being rubbed open every time that I ride Basse is because this girth is just so lovely and soft. It also helps that the shape is the exact same as the Prolite girth which I love. Before I got the Le Mieux's intergrated girth I had been riding Basse in the basic neoprene soft girth, and whilst I did expect him to react to suddenly wearing a different type of girth, I didn't expect him to change so much... Our warming-up trot feels a lot looser and the elbow freedom that the design of the girth gives the horse makes a big difference. His canter has a lot more forward and upward reach, rather than being a bit sticky and hoppy!
So much space!

  It absorbs the sweat really well too, which means that to keep it clean I've let it dry and then brushed it with a Magic Brush, and that's it! And having seen some less than stellar comments about Le Mieux's girths and girth covers when washed, I haven't actually dared to wash it in the washing machine yet! I've hosed it down after using some hair conditioner and it has come up perfect every time. The other reason why I would give this particular girth four stars is because the loops for the girth straps are sometimes a little tight and fiddly which can make it a bit awkward for adjusting the girth, especially when you're on. I find it much easier to tighten the girth before I get on... But these are just two minor negatives and I would still buy another one.
If you're looking for I would highly recommend this girth, especially if you have a sensitive horse! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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