HayGrazer E-Rider January competition, part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about entering my very first online dressage test with the HayGrazer E-Riders, but I certainly was not expecting my results to turn in up in Finland SO quickly. We got the results on February 2nd and on the 9th I had the score sheet and rosette in my hands! Whilst I was really nervous to open up the scoresheet to see the comments, I shouldn't have been because the judge had written such lovely and encouraging remarks both in the comments for the movements as well as the final comments.
 (This blog post includes a free entry for a dressage test that was obtained in cooperation with HayGrazer E-Rider)

Like I've said before on numerous occasions, the reason why I stopped competing when we moved to Finland was that I was suddenly found the thought of going to a competition nearly panic inducing as I had made it into such a big thing in my head. Also, once my parents gave the ride on Vallu to me, there was no way that I could ride a very hot and spooky Vallu anywhere else than at home - even that was a terrifying experience some days! And once Vallu and I had moved to the U.K for my bachelor's degree at Nottingham University, the first year I was too nervous and then the following two years I had no transport. So the years accumulated up and then coupled with both boys' injuries it has taken me a while to feel like I wanted to compete again. So the opportunity to get back into the swing of things with an online competition was too good a chance to miss.

I had a nice variation of marks: one 5 for the last medium trot that didn't actually happen properly as Basse was a bit tired at that point, loads of 6's and 6.5's as well as a couple of 7's (for his paces, both centrelines, the second 10m loop to X and his medium walk). Although we'd all love to get just 7's and 7.5's what I'm SO pleased about is that unlike at 'real' competitions in Finland where the judges always seem to be stuck with 5.5 and 6, in this case the judge varied lots and I agree with every single mark! I'm so looking forward to doing February's one (I'm doing another Novice level test with Basse again) simply because I had such a lovely experience this time 💞 The judge's final comment was super lovely too "a nice horse with some pleasing work but needs to develop more from behind - somewhat lacking in energy today but an accurate and well presented test" 
Overall, I was super pleased with us both. The human brain is an amazing thing, but I swear mine normally stops working the minute I ride down the centreline... This time I only panicked about forgetting the test for the first 10 meters, after which I remembered the whole test thank god -  it was nice to find out that my brain DOES still work during a dressage test without actually having to go do a test publicly. And riding this test just once again showed me how much a cool dude Basse is - once he knew we were doing a test he went into his "I'magoodboyanddoeverythingyouask" mode ⭐️ Yes I would have loved to have had more impulsion for him and I should have asked for a bit more oomph in everything we did but I cannot fault him for behaving so perfectly and I couldn't have asked for a more well behaved horse for riding our first test in 7 years!
HayGrazer E-Rider's rosette joins the gang (this is just one of the frames I have!)

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  1. I love doing online competitions, it’s such a good way to get some feedback and practice test riding. Well done on such a super result Roosa